Greenham: a common inheritance
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Welcome to Greenham and Crookham Commons
Pictorial references of Greenham Common
Greenham Common - a name linked world-wide with the awesome potential of nuclear deterrence and the protest movement it gave rise to.
But there is a bigger story; here we explore the history of one thousand acres of open land near Newbury in Berkshire.
Archaeology tells us that the area was inhabited in prehistoric times; since then people have used it for activities ranging from grazing cattle to the storage of nuclear weapons.
  Greenham & Crookham Commons at a glance
Once the home of cruise missiles, the Commons are now havens for wildlife and a venue for outdoor activities, as well as home to a thriving enterprise centre. Location of Greenham Common  
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  Greenham Contrasts
From the forbidding barbed wire of the airbase to the gorse and heather of the heathland, the Commons offer many striking and contrasting images. Use the Search box to find pictures of Greenham's many moods, past and present. image of heatherimage of an airbase  
Common Themes
  Rascally Heath     A group of walkers     Bury's Bank  
Rascally Heath
Greenham Common means many things to many people. This Theme will give you an insight into how the Common and its surroundings have been enjoyed and exploited over the centuries.
Common Landscape
Greenham and Crookham Commons are more than one thousand acres of heathland. Use this Theme to find out about Commoners' rights and how the Commons have been restored.
Ten thousand years of history
People have lived around Greenham for more than ten thousand years. Churches and chapels appeared with the spread of Christianity, whilst wealthy Victorians found Greenham the perfect place to live.
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  Giant hydraulic rams     The peace caravan at Yellow Gate     New Greenham Park Enterprise Centre  
Clouds of War
Many people associate Greenham with nuclear missiles, but the military were there long before. In this Theme discover how Roundhead soldiers crossed the Common and how gliders were assembled at Crookham.
Peaceful Protest
Opposition to cruise missiles peaked in the 1980s, but local people had been concerned about the military use of Greenham for much longer. Use this Theme to discover the power of protest.
Looking to the Future
In 1997 the Greenham Common Trust bought the airbase, then sold the open land to the Council. Find out how the Trust has developed New Greenham Park as a venue for business and the arts.
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